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Ana Tijoux // Somos Sur (feat. Shadia Mansour)

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i’m still so mad about the fact my yung desi stephen king brother is winning short horror story competitions and shit in my hometown while i’m sat here sweating rereading my preparation story for my course because i just realised it is plotless

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no television character has ever vexed me as much as effy from skins like remember when luke pasqualino asked if he could take the locker next to her and she looked at him coquettishly and said ‘you can take anything if you want it bad enough’??? do you reckon she looks doe-eyedly at the cashier at the corner shop when she’s buying tampons after they say ‘that’s £2.70, please’ and goes ‘time is irrelevant’? does she turn up at her grandmother’s 80th and seductively whisper ‘god is a lie’ when people sing happy birthday? fucking hovis white bread sylvia-plath-novellete-snorting eyeliner-soaked faux-philosophical binbag-wearing dilettante

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Want to spread your wings?
Our Daily Bread | Mani Kaul, 1969

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these are subpar, i’m sorry. i was trying to show you all my newly-dyed hair and my new lipstick but it went horribly wrong

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i feel like i’m personally letting junglepussy down every time i eat a mcdonald’s now

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that time the new york times started a profile of shonda rhimes by saying her autobiography should be called “how to get away with being an angry black woman.”

and the perfect response.



that time the new york times started a profile of shonda rhimes by saying her autobiography should be called “how to get away with being an angry black woman.”

and the perfect response.

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go deeps

role model from the start,

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The bodies of two Tampa teenagers were discovered Thursday morning on a roadside in Duval County.
Angelia Mangum, 19, and Tjhisha Ball, 18, were found about 1 a.m., according to law enforcement. A witness told Jacksonville news station WJAX the teenagers were bound with zip ties and lying on top of one another.
"Two witnesses were driving by and they saw bodies and they called 911," Sgt. T.K. Waters told news station WJXT.
Officers were dispatched to Sisson Drive, near the intersection of Main Street North and Clark Road.
Investigators suspect foul play and are trying to determine the causes of death.
"They were in an area where they would have been noticed, so I think it was fairly recently since they’d been left there,” Waters also told WJXT.
A medical examiner has taken the bodies to determine the cause of death.
"I just don’t understand what happened," Ball’s sister, Crystal Moore, said.
According to Moore, both women had been living in the Jacksonville area off and on for approximately a year and a half.
"I feel like sometimes that I failed," Ball’s mother, Jerlean Moore, said. "What could I have done? What could I have taught her better? It hurts…it really hurts."
It’s a pain that’s only worsened by the fact that no one has been caught.



let’s care just as much about black girls being murdered as we do about black boys. signal boost.

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bollywoodbloodbaths came to visit and we just got outrageously day drunk and ate junk food and cackled abt men bein useless (and secretly gay). she is a darling and v glam.


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try not to palpitate w/ jealousy but I’m hanging out with queen of everything bollywoodbloodbaths today. nbd.


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it’s 6am and a youtube advert featuring peter andre gazing lustfully at a pulled pork pizza in iceland and muttering ‘incredible’ has just made me eartha-kitt-cackle so hard i dribbled rubicon on myself

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Aamne Samne (1967)


Aamne Samne (1967)

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living in this ridiculously oversexualised society is exhausting. i want a different kind of intimacy

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some of my yt friends on facebook talking about how they wanna visit abandoned old victorian psychiatric hospitals…leave the spirits in peace. disrespectful. not to mention the amount of patients, particularly women (hysteria) that would have be admitted for petty reasons and treated like they were subhuman. i don’t understand the glamourisation of a failed, cruel system, but whatever gets you off

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